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Basic stuff you need to be a functioning member[edit]


  1. Be excellent to each other
  2. Even if someone is not being excellent, you should be too
  3. Leave it cleaner than you found it
  4. If it will be here without you, put a label on it.
  5. Ask Questions.
  6. No working on Firearms - Federal law
  7. Don't Die here

Safety in the Space[edit]

  1. Everything here is trying to kill you.
  2. Don't attempt to bypass the safety interlock
  3. Everyone is responsible for Safety - be aware of others when using tools.
  4. Use personal safety equipment (safety glasses, ear plugs, gloves, dust masks..)
  5. First aid kits are in the Classroom, and just outside of the classroom.
  6. Every area in the building has Fire Extinguishers - Find them!

Tool Usage[edit]

There 2 classes of tools. Open use and ones that require training. Under 16 need supervision

Tools requiring training[edit]

  1. Wood Shop - (John) Black saw table saw, jointer, planer, dual drum sander, CNC machine, and the wood Lathes
  2. Metal shop - If is uses electricity or fire you need training
  3. Machine shop (Phil)- Everything. 3D Printer, Scanning Electron Microscope,

How to get training[edit]

  1. Take the Class. (monthly welding class $)
  2. 3d printer and laser (Rory)
  3. Find someone who will teach you. Talk to the Area Manager.


  1. General Member Tub Storage - Put it in a cubby with a parking permit (24x18x26)
  2. Big project storage - For active Projects only, talk to storage@tcmaker.org


Dumpsters are on the west side of the building - Big is Trash/small is recycling Cleaning supplies are in the stairwell to the shop floor, some in the classroom too

Quarterly Cleaning - Once a quarter, on a Saturday (10a-6p) First Saturday in November. is the next one

Last one here[edit]

  1. Check if you are actually the last one here
  2. As you check, turn off the lights. (woodshop is hidden in Ibeam, metal shop is in the breaker box, Woodshop machine room, cant be shut off)
  3. Check Doors (Metal Shop, member Storage, Dock door, Front Door)
  4. Set the alarm - Keypad by shop floor Code is #### Green check mark should be on. you have 2 minutes to leave.

First one here[edit]

1. Adults have a key 2. If the panel is beeping at you it is set, you have 2 minutes to turn off the alarm.

Annual membership meeting on Oct 20. Voting for 7 Member board.

Email is the best way to get help - See the contacts page [tcmaker.org/wiki TC Maker Wiki]